Friday, 20 March 2009

New versions 2.2 released

New versions 2.2 of all SMSCrypt variants have now been released. They include an important fix to a problem for countries with 3 or more digits country code and/or a national prefix code. The problem was a simple contact-message association and gave the impression that the program did not work at all in these countries.

Part of the release notes is attached below.

The application's database schema has been changed. This practically means that you cannot upgrade v.2.1 to v.2.2 and retain your data. You will have to delete any earlier version from your device and then install v.2.2.
  • Changes
In all SMSCrypt variants a contact can only have a single phone number. It has been decided that there is no practical use for someone to use more than one number with SMSCrypt. Therefore, the database schema has been changed.

  • Corrections
There was a contact-message association problem in countries with a 3 or more digits country code and/or extra digits for a national prefix code. In such countries, a received message would appear with a warning icon and the sender's phone number even if the contact had been set correctly on the recipient's side. Therefore, the message could not be decrypted and remained unreadable. The normal functionality is to show the received message with a check icon and the contact's name whose phone number has been found in the message.

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